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Daily YouTube – The Myth of WROL

[The Lord Humungus talks about the myth of WROL as he puts it. He brings up a good point that I feel many of us preppers don't fully grasp and that is the belief that life is either normal or will be a Mad Max situation with mayhem around every corner. I think that there is a tendency among us to look at a disaster as a "light switch" event when, in fact, there are many gradations of disasters over time and impact to our families and society. The point is that your preparations and reactions should be equal to the scenario.]

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  • Bev

    Thank you Padre for your thoughful response. A lot to think about….

  • Padre

    I am think you may not get what WROL is, or I may have a different definition.

    WROL doesn’t mean that there are no police, but that the police do whatever they, or their superiors, want them to do (thus we are in a partial WROL state today). The confiscation of firearms during Katrina is precisely a WROL situation, the law didn’t rule, peoples passions and the force of arms did. WROL doesn’t mean you can do what ever you want with impunity, it means that you are no longer PROTECTED by the law, and may need to take it into your own hands, whether this means self-defense or armed rebellion /resistance.

    WWII is an example of WROL. Sure in Nazi Germany there were laws and show trials, but it was really violence and terror in charge not the law, the law became a vehicle for terror, not a tool for justice. That is what I mean by WROL.

    Other examples of WROL are: the US Revloution, the War of 1812, the entirety of the US’s expansion west (the “wild” west), the Civil War, the Mexican Revolution, Jim Crow, the KKK, Japanese interment, the race riots of the 60s and the Rodney King affair, etc.

    Inevitably the Rule of Law will be restored, EVENTUALLY, and like always the victor will write history perhaps applying the rule of law (or more likely political show trials) retroactively, but in the moment, confronted with death, in a situation in which at least for a time the law is not a recourse, you must choose to accept and live WROL or die.

    Your point that you need not go all MAD MAX at the onset of WROL is correct though. WROL takes on many different forms and only once in say 1000 years does it take the form of full fledged societal collapse. The last time this happened was when Rome fell and Europe fell into darkness. In the near term we will have many WROLs where you will need to be prudent in how you proceed, simply because order will be quickly re-established. But the idea of the rule of law is the idea that we are all equally protected and restricted by a blind judge called the law. When you (or the Police) no longer respect the law, and believe that it is being used not for justice but as a tool for violence against you, WROL is already beginning to set in. We see WROL already in the way most American’s approach speeding laws.
    From a moral perspective just laws are morally binding when the law rules, even if the laws are not a matter of intrinsic right or wrong, because people need order to thrive. All a WROL mentality means is the realization that the laws are not in charge, the social contract has been broken, and law is a means to an end and not the end itself, in terms of being prepared and protection your life it means realizing that sometimes just because something is illegal doesn’t make it immoral or unnecessary.

    • Interesting take on WROL. To say that we are partially in a WROL situation right now is not something I entirely agree with, especially since you could say that “because police do whatever their superiors tell them” then by that definition we have always been in a WROL situation ever since human civilization has existed. That said, I think I understand what you’re saying. As you point out there are many scenarios in the past that could be considered a WROL situation but many were localized (e.g., Katrina). A WROL situation (at least the ones people envision) would be world-wide or, at least, USA-wide which may as well be world-wide.

  • Damian,

    This is a great thought piece…man has always lived somewhere along the legal continuum from dictatorial rule (North Korea for instance) to every man for himself and roving gangs (Somolia). Each society moves back and forth along that continuum…some of the my biggest fears for our society and my place in it revolve around this notion of retroactive legislation…we can go along happy as can be doing something totally legal and have the legal boundary pushed underneath us and we end up on the wrong side of the law.

    Taken another way, if there is a WROL type situation…expect it to be temporary, 10 days, 10 month, maybe even 10 years…but you may be expected to account for and defend your actions at a later date…document, document, document. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a risk manager and military officer it’s that if you have to make a hard decision or take drastic action you (as soon as you’re physically able) document what you knew, when you knew it and why you took that action…it’s saved my bacon from Monday morning quarterbacks a number of times.

    Andrew J. Jackson

    • Full documentation is a good point. I think that too many preppers tend to think that–if they make it–they will not be held accountable for their actions in a WROL situation. Even if not help accountable in a court of law they may well be held accountable by their peers. So long as you are acting with morals this shouldn’t be a problem but it never hurts to document.

  • Bev

    Tim, THANK YOU!
    This is real life!
    Having been through the floods of 2007 in SE MN (went from paid for to $100,000 in debt to the SBA–disaster assistance?!)law enforcement and national guard were just like he said, rather shoot you than look at you.

  • Bev

    Hey Ted, You have a GF out of Russia? I’ve been research the collapse of the USSR as a prelude to the collapse of the U.S. It didn’t look like anyone had a clue except the elite who made laws in the 30 days prior that divided land, etc. 30 days and it was essentially over. Any take you have on this–the collapse of a super power–I know I would appreciate!
    According to sources I have it was just a matter of outspending them on the military front that brought the fall. But I have a hard time believing that…

  • Tim

    This link will take you to a Katrina survivor and their story and provides lots of details on what they learned. It offers great suggestions on WROL situations and how you can be prepared.

  • Ted

    On a national level, I wonder if the Russian people had any clue about the Soviet Union collaps ………it goes to show just how fast things can happen in modern times . I cant ask my GF because she got out just before the collaps . even tho that was different because of the fact that it was a communist nation , we might want to look at how little warning the average person had , that may give us a push in the direction to prep . We are going to collaps eventually, how fast will probably be very fast once the triggers have been set .Just sayin

    • That would be interesting to konw more about. I can’t think of a better example of a modern day collapse that we might learn from than the USSR. I know your GF can’t shed any light on it but if you happen upon any of her friends or relatives that might be willing to share their experiences, we would love to hear about it some day.

  • Bev

    Thank you Damian for bringing this video to us. In almost any scenario, except perhaps an EMP, WROL would be a very short time period. In reality, if times were getting tough and I saw a heavily armed man walking by my home I would be far more likely to get out the shotgun and worry about him and what he is likely to do!
    That “tough man stance” is MORE likely to get you killed than a concealed carry. With that said, old woman that I may be, I am signed up for a concealed carry class this fall :)

  • Scooter

    Agree…video brings to light valid points. Acrtually we have already seen areas that were active areas, (A) WROL. Katrina, NOLA, (W/O beating that subject to death), and other areas that were in a disaster(s). Planning and response isn’t just a MadMax response issue. As Martin indicated, “There are many levels to a disaster”…AND add to that disasters come in many different forms. Individuals need to prep themselves for what “they” see as a disaster…maintaining a level of self-reliance, or a self imposed comfort zone. (If it were that simple, we could write the book and be a Amazon bestseller). So..plan, plan, but plan for yourself and those you care for…YOU know what it take for your and yours. BE SAFE

    • Prepping for YOUR disaster scenario is the most valid way to prep, IMO. Asking for others ideas as to what to prepare for is useful but making them your own is what’s critical.

  • Martin

    This is a good point to realize. We do often feel like life is either normal or horrible when, in fact, there are many levels of disaster.