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Night Vision Optics Sale at Ready Made Resources

Ready Made Resources is offering some very cool optics here USNV-PVS-14 Gen 3+ AUTOGATED 64 LP GRADE “A” 5 YEAR WARRANTY LIFETIME ANNUAL MAINTENANCE at a good price, for 3rd gen technology, that is. If you’re looking for an early Christmas present this could be it. Remember that Ready Made is one of our sponsors and very often provides good deals besides these. Check them out!

3 comments to Night Vision Optics Sale at Ready Made Resources

  • Badger359

    I have incorperated (NOD’s, NVD’s) whatever one want’s to call them, in to my preps about 6 years ago. They’re probably not going to get cheaper, but rather moredifficult to get going forward. I am surprised they haven’t restricteed them yet, but I beleive they soon will be if not in the close future. Even a GEN-I or Gen-II is good to have if you can afford it.

  • Irish-7

    I used night vision goggles and sights in the military. They are a tremendous asset! Who can afford them in civilian life? I see some advertised in military surplus magazines for hundreds of dollars. They cannot be the real thing. Or, perhaps they are not as durable? All the night vision equipment that we used in the Army costs thousands of dollars.

    • I agree that the expense is a barrier but for those that can afford them and assuming you have the rest of your preps in order then they could be the “game changer” that they’re touted to be.