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Nine Ways to Spend Less Time Weeding Your Garden (link)

There’s not two ways about it, weeding sucks! This article offers some suggestions on what you can do to minimize that problem. Here’s the first part of the post:

“Sometimes it seems like a diligent gardener could spend sunup to sundown pulling stubborn weeds out of the garden and still find sneaky renegades hiding under the zucchini plants the next day. It’s enough to drive an otherwise temperate gardener insane. Everyone loves a healthy, productive garden, but, unfortunately, healthy, productive gardens usually create plenty of healthy, productive weeds. This gardening season, spend your long summer days savoring life instead of wasting all your time battling the ultimate garden foe. Following are nine smart ways to cut down on weeding time, all without letting your garden turn into a jungle.”

Read the full article here

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