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Quick Reference – North Carolina Prepper YouTube Channel

I wanted to briefly point out a YouTube Channel that I sometimes reference in my Daily YouTube updates, North Carolina Prepper (his screen name shows as John762x39). Although I’m not sure why he doesn’t have more subscribers and views for many of his videos, he really should. IMO, he does a good job of explaining what he is doing in his videos and why. Most importantly, however, he does videos that I just don’t see most YouTube preppers doing… at all.

I suggest you subscribe to his channel if you YouTube, or you can just continue to pay attention to my Daily YouTube updates and I’ll keep you informed of his most interesting videos. Either way, North Carolina Prepper is always exploring the “outer reaches,” if you will, of prepping and routinely brings new and interesting content.

1 comment to Quick Reference – North Carolina Prepper YouTube Channel

  • Smoothe1

    I actually enjoy the videos you link to from his channel. Maybe he doesn’t get so many views because he’s not the most articulate youtuber but I’ve been enjoying it. Thanks.