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Notes About RTS This Week (Major Overhauls)

Here’s what’s happenings at reThinkSurvival…

  1. Updated the Top 50 Survival Sites RSS feeds page to reflect the recent changes to the Top 50 blogs. I’m also using a new plugin to display them and it seems to be working good. Also, don’t expect to see my blog on the list anytime soon. Google seems to despise my website and, since that plays a huge role in rankings, I don’t expect miracles.
  2. Made a huge overhaul to the Video Vault. In addition to recently including hundreds of more videos (many of which were originally Daily YouTube videos from the past), I choose to separate out the videos into more pages for easier reference. For example, the Food and Water pages are now separated, there’s a Sanitation and Hygiene page (previously part of the Health and First Aid page), a Personal Defense and Firearms page, and the Solar Power page is now broader in scope and renamed Power and Energy.
  3. If you missed it, I added a bunch of Self Defense videos from Coach David Alexander here. He’s been adding plenty of useful videos to YouTube lately, let’s hope he keeps doing it.
  4. Added a new SpotCrime link to the Hazard Risk Assessment page, courtesy of a new page from Prepography.
  5. Continued to add new How To links, SurvivalBlog posts, and TheSurvivalPodcast links.

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