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Notes About RTS This Week

As usual, I added a few new links to the ever-growing “How To” Knowledge Base list on such topics as tooth extraction, DIY aquaponics, chest freezer conversion, homemade yeast, and more. I’m also always adding new posts to the Survival Blog page and new podcasts to The Survival Podcasts pages.

In addition, I also created a new page, BePreparedRadion.com Shows, that is similar to the Top 50 Survival Sites RSS Feeds. In paticular, you can now keep up with the latest podcast radio shows that they publish. As there are over two dozen shows on tap, it’s something to keep up with. In addition, a few of the shows are from preppers I truly enjoy, Dr. Alton and his wife (show is The Doom And Bloom Hour) as well as from Engineer775 and SoutherPrepper 1 from YouTube (show is Practical Preppers).

In a similar fashion, there’s also a YouTube Channel Feeds page that does the same thing with more than a dozen of my most favorite channels. Both of these pages can be found under the Guide to the Net -> Authorized Survival Sites heading. Enjoy!

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  • Mary

    I’m not sure if I have time to listen to these shows but I love how you’re always trying to do new stuff for us! Thank you.