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OPSEC and Privacy References You Should Know

Secrecy is a huge tenet of the preparedness movement that I definitely do NOT seem to adhere to! Having said that, I do realize that many preppers want to keep their “stuff” under the radar. If, more like when, the time comes I too will want to keep a few things hidden.

Even if that time never comes, it can’t hurt to keep the majority of your preps and actions held close to the vest. Perhaps even more important than your physical preps is the ability to keep your personal data and information out of the hands of the bad guys. As such, over the next few weeks (or longer) I will be authoring yet another eBook regarding the very specific need of basic cyber security, including for your mobile devices.

Regardless, I think that too many people make a big deal out of billion-dollar companies “tracking” them. This isn’t to say that I like the trend; and when the internet itself is concerned (Google, that is) focuses their efforts on doing just that, it does make me pause a bit.

The thing is that such tracking is probably not as malicious as some people lead you to believe. Companies, in particular, really only want to focus their efforts to better sell (I meant, serve) you. Now, I know there are plenty of instances where the good intentions of such companies worked out… poorly at best. I’m just saying, don’t be so paranoid all the time! They’re [probably] not out to get you. ;)

To be honest, if there’s anyone to worry about, it’s more likely your neighbor that discretely notices all of the UPS deliveries to your house over the past few years or the coworker to whom you casually mentioned your new Big Berkey water filter. Actually, the MOST problematic population to your prepping OPSEC will be friends and/or family you don’t want to include in your group.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in some of the more interesting OPSEC / Privacy links I’ve found:

  1. Begin by referencing many of the excellent OPSEC articles I’ve cataloged from the SurvivalBlog. In fact, I keep an entire list of interesting SurvivalBlog articles I’ve read here.
  2. You might also read a few of the How-to knowledge base OPSEC articles I have referenced. In particular, you’ll find a PDF file on How to Be Invisible in Modern Society, which I thought had some interesting ideas for the particularly paranoid among us.

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