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Daily YouTube – Pet Evacuation Kit (You Do Have One for Your Pet, Right?)

[North Carolina Prepper talks about the need for a pet evacuation kit, shows us the contents of his pet's kit, and points out something that had not occurred to me and that is using glow lights attached to the dog's body harness. If you don't have a kit for your pet(s) work to get one together today because they're are just as dependent on you as children are.]

7 comments to Daily YouTube – Pet Evacuation Kit (You Do Have One for Your Pet, Right?)

  • T.R.

    Dont try and give a Cat a bath that has never had one ………you will need a medic ;)

    • My mother actually got cat scratch fever years ago from bathing one of her cats… never did it again!

      • T.R.

        LOL , they look so small and innocent until you try to make one do something that they dont want to do ………then it takes you by surprise how fast and strong they can be . Had a huge tom cat as a kid that would bring up adult jack rabbits when we lived on the ranch . Jack rabbits are not small .

  • T.R.

    That is something that is often overlooked ……..the only member of your family is thought of the least :(

  • maggi

    excellent vid. i have 2 kitties and they have a large carrier in the front closet ready to go when need be. it has food, leashes, harnesses, documents, a pet first aid book, a pillow and a few toys. i will be getting one of the water bottles seen here and also set up a seperate medical kit.
    thanks for the great info.

  • Ed

    I guess I HAVE TO take the wife’s pomeranian now! Would love to see her carry a backpack like that, though. :)