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Prepper Nightmare: What Worries You Most? (And Why It Doesn’t Matter)

Another very interesting question posed by a SurvivalistBoards thread a while back, this time about what worries you most in regards to prepping? The Original Poster’s (OP) post follows (much of it removed for brevity):

“I really enjoy it [prepping], and think that prepping is the best life insurance policy there is dealing with many scenarios. But, the thing that has actually given me nightmares before about my prepping mindset is this…

…Those no-knock search warrants on the wrong house SCARES the crap out of me. It is a total lose lose lose if it were to happen to me or any of us law abiding citizens that love guns and love our family. I have a wife and 2 kids and would step in front of a Boeing 757 for them. I am always carrying at the house just in case someone is dumb enough to try and steal from my kids. What if a swat team did a no knock on my house by accident and I didn’t have a clue who it was. There are crooks dressing up as cops, etc… I goto a commotion and open fire on “intruders” and 1 of many things happen…

[several outcomes listed but removed here]

Obviously #7 is what I desire [that law enforcement does their job correctly and gets the right house], but the others [various people die as a result] scare the crap out of me even #6 because I protected my family, was found innocent, but I took innocent people’s lives because some pencil pushing ass wipe has the brains of a fried chili bean turd.

Anyways, that is one of my biggest prepping fears from my fatherly activities of always trying to protect my family.

What’s one of your biggest fears in regards to prepping or something related to it?”

It seems to me that a major reason as to why we prepare ourselves is because we’re afraid of something but, of course, there are other reasons too. As an example, I fear running out of food if the grocery store shelves are empty, getting perilously sick with no hospital assistance, and certainly not being able to care for my family whatever the situation. There are many scenarios to fear but a no-knock search warrant is NOT at the top of my list.

There are many possible answers as to what to worry about, including any natural disaster you want to name, as well as an EMP (man-made or solar) or a pandemic. That said, what I prepare for and what I worry about the most are two different things. I prepare for natural disasters such as tornadoes (I live in the Midwest) and other problems such as an economic collapse–albeit way too slowly–but what worries me the most is excessive government force if/when things go bad.

One commenter agreed with me:

“…and that is really scary as well. I would absolutely hate to be forced into a no win situation like that. As most of us preppers are of similar mindset in that we prep to be able to NOT need assistance, and to possibly help neighbors, etc to “rebuild”. But, to have a “group” going door to door for whatever reason really gets under our skin. We just want to be left alone and not forced to do ANYTHING.”

Perhaps I’ve watched too many History channel shows about the Nazi’s and Hitler, but I find it hard not to consider what occurred in Nazi Germany and what could occur here. I’m not saying we’re there by any stretch of the imagination… but it could happen. The recent post-Sandy events continue to show how amazingly unprepared and government-dependent we truly are as a nation and will continue to be; I can only imagine how bad it would get in a TEOTWAWKI scenario. People would be demanding the government take charge and look forward to it.

[ I'm beginning to fear as I write this that if I wasn't on a watch list yet... I might be soon. :( ]

Anyway, I’m not saying that government is inherently bad or that I want something different. Not at all. I actually think we have a unique and awesome opportunity as provided by our Founding Fathers. Unfortunately, governments will be governments and if history has taught us anything it’s that governments WILL do what they have to do to continue to exist. And if that means sending in the jack-booted thugs to squash uprisings (and well-meaning people like me in doing so) then that’s what they’ll do.

The worst part is that given the huge advances in technology and spying capabilities that the government has (as compared to Nazi Germany for sure), I’m not very optimistic in my liberties staying in tact. The *crazy* part is that I’m NOT up to no good whatsoever! It’s actually people like me–and you–that can do the most good for the nation (albeit mostly likely on a community-wide scale) for the simple reason that we’re much more self-reliant than most Americans. We should be considered a huge resource!!!

I do have hope, however, that not only will the people who make such decisions (and especially those who carry them out) will WAKE UP and realize that they do have a choice in how they act and react when we’re in crisis mode as a nation. And the best way for this to happen to for them to better understand us preppers, who we are, why we do what we do, and most importantly: how we can be a positive force in our nation.

Will we see such a transition from freedom to tyranny in my time? Who knows. I certainly hope not. But, I’m sure the people of Nazi Germany didn’t really see it coming either.

Now, here’s why what worries you the most doesn’t really matter

In most cases, there’s not a darn thing you can honestly do about it besides being as prepared as you can be for whatever life throws at you. Perhaps this seems like a BS answer but it’s the best I’ve got! In my case, I fear something that could never happen in my lifetime. And I truly hope it doesn’t. But being in fear of excessive government force does me no good because fear–although potentially motivating in the beginning–eventually causes you to take irrational actions and make poor decisions.

The Doomsday Preppers show is a good example of what I’m talking about. Granted, many of these people are far more prepared than I am in some respects, but consider the extreme lengths that many of these people have gone to be prepared for just ONE scenario! Obviously, some of this dramatization is put on for the sake of the show and probably hyped by the producers. That said, how much time and money have some of these people spent on a singular fear–rational or not–that could have been used to prepare themselves in general? I would suggest it’s A LOT!

So, instead of being in fear of something very specific, work to prepare yourself and your family to survive life in general. Work on the basics (shelter, food, water, etc) and move on from there. Keep at it and you’ll be better prepared than most people for those uncertain times in life.

10 comments to Prepper Nightmare: What Worries You Most? (And Why It Doesn’t Matter)

  • Lux

    Prepping should be easy. I think of it has getting ready for a camping trip but the camp site is at home. I think this article will be helpful to those who are thinking about prepping but have not started or they are off to a slow start. Camping is easy and it is not scary or weird. Prepping should be the same.



  • Russ

    My nightmare is that some folks think the world is going to end on 12/21/2012, and that some fool will believe it so strongly that he will make it happen.

  • Kang

    FYI, on ‘Doomsday Preppers’, those folks aren’t necessarily prepping for just the ONE scenario that they mention. The shows producers MAKE them choose a single scenario to be associated with, for the show.

  • For Portland, Oregon– My concern is the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake. 4 min quake at 8.0 or higher.

    For the nation, Yellowstone Super Volcano. Nothing can be done.

  • S. N.

    And with the vote coming up for the “new” email protection bill our rights will be under attack even more. It has been rewritten to allow gov’t and police the right to read emails, check your purchasing and web history w/o a warrant. The original protection bill was proclaimed from the rooftops, this change hasn’t been.

  • Irish-7

    I have said this several different times on multiple survival sites: “I fear one DHS agent standing at my door ASKING for my guns more than 50 brigands trying to STEAL them”. The government has altered search, seizure and arrest rules in the past 4 years. More than any other aspect of prepping, I fear the potential abuse of power, confiscation of weapons, or food to cross level (like Uncle Sam does with our earnings). Under the suspicion of terrorism, there are no more Miranda warnings. The government can even kill you, without indictment, trial or conviction. What makes it far worse, is the new criteria for possible terroristic activities: military veterans with strong reverence to the Constitution, the flag or fiscal responsibility. If you stock more than a week’s worth of food, own multiple firearms or tout deep Christian values. I am a devout Roman Catholic. I am also a retired Army First Sergeant and combat veteran. I gave my entire adult life, from graduation at 18 to retirement at 48, in service to my country. To think that these actions make me appear to be a threat to society, a potential target of law enforcement, is appalling! Under previous administrations, these were honorable efforts. America sold her soul for food stamps, expanded healthcare and extended unemployment benefits.

    • J

      You hit it dead on, Top. Saddest thing I’ve ever heard an American say, “I love my country,but, I fear my government.” Things are not as they should be.

    • Ben Dover

      I agree with alot of what you said, except for the last sentence. To me our problems center around plain old fashion greed at every level and it will lead US to our doom!