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Prepping for SHTF and Life: Skills vs Stuff (link)

An age-old question of what’s more important, skills or stuff? Personally, I’d say there are valid reasons for both. The following article discusses the topic and offers some real-world examples as to why one or the other might be the better option. Here’s the first part of the post:

“A lot of people make list after list of all the items they carry in their bugout bag or EDC (Every Day Carry) bag. Then they go out and buy a year’s worth of food, tons of ammo, dozens of weapons and so on. The problem is that buying means storing, protecting, repairing, maintaining, and several other ‘ings. The precept of knowledge weighing nothing has been a long-term idea in my thinking. I love learning how to do things and how to adapt my surroundings by adapting what I have available for new purposes…”

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