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Daily YouTube – Prepping Your Car for Evacuation

[The PatriotNurse adds a guest to her video to discuss prepping for vehicle bug outs. She brings up several good points, a few of which I hadn't considered such as including extra empty bags for packing more stuff that you hadn't thought to include initially. Of course, if you use these reThinkIt! Tools you would already have a list of the items you need to bring with you. :)]

8 comments to Daily YouTube – Prepping Your Car for Evacuation

  • Ted

    I suggest to all who plan to bug out ….or even if you dont , to get a mag of the COUNTY roads . The reason for this is that all the major traffic arteries may be clogged with people and at a stand still . The county roads are much more rural and off the beaten path …….more likely that you will be able to get to where you want to .

  • Tony

    I like the idea of a dry run but “when” is something to consider. Since you will unlikely hear about an emergency situation until it happens, chances are you will evacuate hitting the road along with potentially hundreds (thousands?) of other drivers doing the same thing. With this in mind, a dry run during rush-hour (holiday weekend traffic?) will simulate circumstances that you may encounter in a real emergency situation. Assuming the roads are not completely gridlocked (as they may certainly be in an emergency situation), the stop and go situations encountered will probably be similar to those you may expect. Stop and go mileage is certainly less than open road mileage. Just a thought.

    • Yet another good reason to (1) keep gas tanks half full at all times and (2) store gasoline and remember to take it with you when you evacuate. Of course, it may all be for nothing if the streets are grid-locked and unpassable. Oh, and keep your ears open to the news and events so you can decided to GOOD before most others realize they should too.

      • Ted

        I have a eton scorpion emergency radio , had it for about 2 years now and its small enough to put anywhere , the top of the radio is a carabiner so carry is pretty easy .

        • That’s a pretty slick radio setup. I sure wish I spent my $$ on one of those than the darn hand-crank radio I bought… nearly worthless!

          • Ted

            Dont feel bad , the Voyager is a lemon ……….guess who bought one and found out it was junk .

  • SillyD

    That is a good idea to keep extra bags around just in case. I also like how they point out the importance of knowing precisely how far you can get on a tank of gas.