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10 Medical Uses for Hot Peppers

The Survival Doctor put up a post on 10 Medical Uses for Hot Peppers that may be of use in the future. For those that have a vegetable garden consider including peppers, not only for flavor, but for these potentially useful medical reasons as well. Here’s the first part of the post:

“I just got back from the Chile & Frijoles Festival in Pueblo, CO, where everyone was eating the hot fruit in every conceivable way. Not that anyone needed another reason to enjoy, but it reminded me of all the health and medicinal benefits packed in those little pods of flavor.

You can ingest them, inhale them or rub them on in a salve. You can eat them raw, freeze them, dry them and chop them up, or hang them on the wall. Dried, they’ll still keep many of their medicinal powers.

In fact, maybe that old axiom needs to be changed to “a pepper a day keeps the doctor away.” Here are my top-10 medical uses for hot peppers…”

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