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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Store Oats

As you get more and more into preparedness, you’re going to want to store bulk foods and usually that means the “big 3″ of rice, beans, and wheat. In my opinion, that should really be expanded to the “big 4″ and include oats as well since they are so multi-functional:

“Oats are one of those storage foods people LOVE to ignore. I can’t even get my own husband to eat them. Since we both came from rural areas and grew up with the same self-reliant and frugal values, I couldn’t understand this. I love oats! Why would anyone not like oats? Soon I learned it wasn’t just him, but mostly everyone else I ran into. I am convinced that most people who don’t like oats are running into one of two main problems. They never had them prepared correctly to begin with; and/or they just don’t know what to do with them other than make oatmeal. I am going to solve these problems with you today. Oats are an extremely valuable item to put in your food stores and an incredibly healthy addition to your diet and here’s why…”

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3 comments to 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Store Oats

  • T.R.

    Have you ever looked at a recipe book made during the WW2 rationing period ?
    Its very interesting ! they tell you what to use to extend and substitute things that were in short supply . Oatmeal to extend meat made me think of this .

    • Never laid my hands on an old-school cookbook but I have to imagine that they would be very good references for making use of many bulk foods, especially in ways that we wouldn’t consider these days… such as extending meat. Too be we’re losing so much knowledge.

      • T.R.

        Interesting thing was , that some of the books were actually put out by the US Government to help housewives make the most of the rationing . I saw one at an antique store , I kicked myself in the ass for not getting it , because they are very hard to find . I bet if you were to dig on the internet there might be some that people have posted , fortunately for us , a lot of people are into historical preservation .