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Quick References

Quick Reference – 15 Ways Duct Tape Could Save Your Life

Happened across this post on 15 Ways Duct Tape Could Save Your Life at TheReadyStore.com and figured it was a good reminder why duct tape is so useful. Just be sure to get the professional grade duct tape and never buy off-brands… most are horrible. Here’s the first part of the post:

“You can do some amazing things with duct tape! Its uses range from house repair, hunting, space travel, clothing and more! People have used duct tape for every purpose imaginable. That is why duct tape is such a versatile tool to have in your emergency supplies!

Check out 15 of these uses for duct tape that could save your life! Comment below the article to tell us what amazing uses you’ve found for the shiny tape!”

Read the full article here

9 comments to Quick Reference – 15 Ways Duct Tape Could Save Your Life

  • Good article. We used this quite a bit in the Army, though it was actually called “100 mike an hour tape”. The products used now a days on the commercial market, much like the “550 cord/para-cord”, are cheap commercial versions of the ones we used in service.

    • Never used “100 mph tape” but I think the professional grade duct tapes are pretty good… and I agree that the cheap knock-off duct tape is horrible!

  • Ted

    Hey ! kind of off topic but would like to pass along a very useful product we just used at work . Not sure exactly what the name of it is but I think its called Tool Dip . If you ask for it at home depot , they will know what your talking about . Anyway , its designed for you to but a semi flexible plastic grip on your tools , it comes in different colors and best of all its liquid . Your supposed to dip the handle of your tools into the can repeatedly until you get the thickness you want , BUT what we used it for is painting on a soft bumper guard for a sliding pannel so it wouldn’t tear up somebody’s hands if it came down .Being liquid plastic its also 100 % waterproof! you can easily paint it on any surface to make water tight , its very thin so it will go into cracks easily .Its worth experimenting with or having on hand ……..many uses for the things preppers are doing .

  • Ted

    If I can help it , I wont get anything but OD or black . Duct tape is like bailing wire , used are up to your creativity .

  • Bev

    Good article, thanks for the post. Fascinating that it WAS originally called duck tape in the military!

  • Ed

    I always keep a few rolls around the house, one in our vehicles, bug out bags, and even in my wallet. It’s wonderful stuff. Don’t know how we survived with duct tape.