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Quick References

Quick Reference – 34 Ways to Use Duct Tape for Survival

duct tape

Came across a neat post recently from BackdoorSurvival.com on 34 Ways to Use Duct Tape for Survival that was interesting and useful to pass along. This just goes to show what a little ingenuity can do. By the way, be sure to purchase good quality duct tape. The inferior stuff just won’t cut it when your survival may depend on it. Here’s the first part of the post:

“I have always claimed – and not altogether jokingly – that you could build a house with Elmer’s glue and Duct Tape. Both items are readily available, relatively inexpensive and easy to tote around. I will set aside the Elmer’s for another time, though. Today, I thought it would be fun to look as some of the practical uses of duct tape around the house, camping and of course, in a survival situation.”

Read the full article here

3 comments to Quick Reference – 34 Ways to Use Duct Tape for Survival

  • Johannes Häberlein

    Doe’s anybody know the BRAND of the Duct Tape in the Picture?? It looks interessting to me. Want to buy it. I hope somebody can tell me the Brand. Please reply!

    • It’s probably just professional grade duct tape you can buy at any hardware store. If you want something that’s even better, consider “100 mph tape”… just Google it.

  • Ed

    C’mon, you can do better than just 34 ways! I can think of that many in my sleep. ;)