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Quick References

Quick Reference – 7 Reasons Why Seeds Fail to Grow

Alt-Market has this post on “Seven Reasons Why Seeds Fail to Grow” that I figured may help the amateur gardeners among us, me included. Sadly, gardening is NOT easy. It requires the right conditions, plenty of patience, lots of knowledge, and even more experience. :) Here’s the first part of the post:

“Enjoying a bounty of freshly harvested veggies, fruits and herbs is perhaps the best part of growing your own garden. To get there, gardeners must master the early stages of sowing and germinating seeds. While necessary, this process can leave many of us wondering: why do some seeds have all the luck, while others fail to grow?”

Read the full article here

1 comment to Quick Reference – 7 Reasons Why Seeds Fail to Grow

  • Ed

    I haven’t done much gardening myself but it is always good to have a reminder of the basics.