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Quick References

Quick Reference – A Primer on Respirators

I enjoyed this Primer on Respirators from APN. It’s making me rethink my family’s personal protective equipment. Protecting our airways is another often overlooked area of prepping. At most it gets a passing “keep N-95 masks on hand just in case”. Sadly, there are plenty of reasons why much better protection may be required. This article discusses a few of those options.

4 comments to Quick Reference – A Primer on Respirators

  • T.R.

    I just plan for tear gas and pepper spray , so I picked up a Russian GP5 . I wouldnt trust them for serious chemical or biological attacks ………….but then again , in most of those cases by the time you are aware of the danger , its far too late , you have already been exposed . The GP5 is dirt cheap and effective against riot controle . Just get rid of the Soviet canister and get yourself a new industrial one .

    • I keep a few gas masks just in case but you’re right, by the time you realize you need a gas mask it’s likely too late. Perhaps the only “solution” is to have them out and readily deploy-able such as with your bug out bags. Right now mine are buried in with a bunch of other supplies… not very smart of me.

      • T.R.

        I live in the city so if I’m trying to get out in a civil unrest SHTF , I might have to drive or pass through areas where tear gas is being used on the way out . If your rural or small town , the need for a gas mask may not be of any real concern . Dont be afraid of the old eastern block surplus , just do your homework on them , they are dirt cheap but VERY basic . I like the GP5 because its full head coverage and just stretch over and go , no straps , plus it looks cool ……think of the WW1 trenches lol.