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Quick References

Quick Reference – An Innovative Light Bulb: The Ascella 5 Watt Bulb

Destiny Survival pointed out a new light bulb that I haven’t seen before, The Ascella 5 Watt Light Bulb. I would liken it to a rechargeable flashlight that plugs directly into a light socket. According to the post:

The Ascella 5 Watt light bulb is the light bulb of the future. Use it now and whenever the power goes out. It’s an innovation in lighting because it…
  • Stays lit when the power goes out
  • Can be unscrewed from the socket and use as a Flashlight
  • Lasts over 18 years
  • Only draws 5 watts of electricity
The Ascella is truly a revolutionary concept.
There’s also a YouTube video embedded in the article that elaborates. It doesn’t appear to available on Amazon so you’ll have to use the link provided in the article to buy it.

1 comment to Quick Reference – An Innovative Light Bulb: The Ascella 5 Watt Bulb

  • Martin

    Yet another cool idea. I think this could be useful but I’m not sure how easy it would be to use in an emergency considering that you would have to unscrew it from the light bulb socket. I also wonder how hot it gets?