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Quick References

Quick Reference – Argentina Hyperinflation Interview with Ferfal

You may have heard of Ferfal, the guy that runs Ferfal.Blogspot.com. If not, he’s the guy that has more experience than most anyone with living in a real-world hyperinflation scenario, something he and his family had to ensure for years in Argentina until they recently moved (to Ireland, I believe). A while back he did a very good 3-part interview on Survive2Day about his experiences during that time. If you really want to know what life may be like in America post-collapse, this would be a good place to start. He’s also wrote a book about the subject that you might find interesting…

2 comments to Quick Reference – Argentina Hyperinflation Interview with Ferfal

  • The Hammer

    Ferfal tells it like it is for sure. I could’t imagine living thru what he has.

  • Ed

    I’ve seen this interview and others like it before. Definitely worth a listen if you have the time.