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Quick References

Quick Reference – Beware of “Dirty” Power

SurvivalJoe.net posted this Beware of “Dirty” Power article that I felt was useful to pass along. It’s a brief recount of one person’s experience as to why you should never connect any computer directly to a gasoline generator. I believe I’ve heard of this warning before but certainly didn’t remember it! I’m not sure if this problem applies to all generators or not but it’s best to do your research before trying this and winding up with irreparable damage to your computers. Of course, I’ve heard from Steven Harris (a frequent guest on The Survival Podcast) that this may not be a huge problem for computers but I can’t remember his exact words. Just be careful.

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  • GrnMtnBoy

    This is particularly important when using medical devices, such as CPAP machines. This problem can be avoided using pure sine wave generators or pure sine wave inverters.