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How to Build a Solar-Thermal Direct-Air Heater

These plans on how to Build a Solar-Thermal Direct-Air Heater [PDF File] diagrams yet another small solar heating idea, this time using it to heat a shed. It’s not totally passive as it uses a small DC fan to pull air into the shed as well as a thermostat to turn it on and off when needed. Duplicating this concept and coupled with a small solar setup I could envision this being very useful in long term situations. Here’s the first part of the file:

“The town I live in is located near the Alberta-BC border, about 100 miles north of the US Canada border. Winters  here are long and cold, but many days are crystal clear and sunny.

Our tool shed has a south-facing wall which was ideal to mount a solar thermal direct-air collector panel. The collector panel exterior dimensions are 48” high x  49.5” wide’.

The siding on the shed is made out of cement-fiber composite, (same as our house) which was chosen because of it’s  durability and fire-proof qualities. The Vertical orientation suits our northern latitude, and stays clean and frost-free  under the roof overhang.”

Build a Solar-Thermal Direct-Air Heater [PDF File]

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