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Quick References

Quick Reference – Build an Radiating Candle Heater

There’s an interesting product called the Kandle Heeter (TM) Candle Holder that is designed to effectively utilize the heat from a simple candle and act as a mini radiant space heater. The crazy part is that the manufacturer actually shows you how they build one here on of ceramic pots, nuts and bolts, and more. I’m actually thinking of building one but, as the manufacturer clearly states, I’m probably never going to get around to doing it. :(

6 comments to Quick Reference – Build an Radiating Candle Heater

  • We have made one an they di produce some heat, but no enough for a really cold climate.
    they are kind of border line. Maybe they would keep you from freezing in a samll tent.

  • T.R.

    OK , this one is better . I’ve seen this before on another site and they didnt explain how the candle came into the picture . This is basically a terra cotta lamp shade with the flame heating up the carriage bolt and washers . It is simple but I can also see how it would work .

  • Tony

    Weather not all that great today so I’ll head to Home Depot later. Should be able to pick-up parts (or substitutes) rather inexpensively. A good little project to tackle!