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Burglary Tools in the Bug Out Bag? (link)

This article by Jim Cobb titled Burglary Tools in the Bug Out Bag? grabbed my attention. Basically, it talks about including a mini pry bar in your bag, which I think is a good idea for a variety of reasons.

3 comments to Burglary Tools in the Bug Out Bag? (link)

  • T.R.

    One of the most useful tolls you can have . I have a very well used one in my truck and in my BOB , along with my 2 favorite camp tools on the outside , tomahawk with a hammer pull and the spetsnaz shovel . I think Irish-7 has it right about wrol , if we are forced to leave , legalities will be low on the stress list .

    • T.R.

      * tools * tired of this crap , and all the typos ……….lowering the resolution on my screen .

  • Irish-7

    I have a small pry bar in a tool box in my SUV. I also bought a lock pick set and a ring of auto “jinglers” for a small “Get Home Bag” that holds my EDC S&W Governor revolver. The lock pick set and generic car keys were on sale with BUDK/CH Kadels as “Buy One, Get One Free” a few months ago. The way I see it, if I am forced to resort to picking locks, we are already in a WROL situation. There won’t be law enforcement chasing murders, yet alone a family of 4 breaking into an abandoned cabin or vehicle. If these items are found during a police search before TEOTWAWKI, my excuse will be “I have no stolen items”. I think they both are more a novelty than a required survival tool.