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Quick References

Quick Reference – Camp Chef Hot Pot

This Camp Chef Hot Pot may be a useful addition to your preps. While I’ve linked to hot water pots in the past, specifically the Hillbilly Hot Water idea, this pot is made to keep water warm for long periods of time. Considering that fuel (be it propane, wood, etc) may be a scarce resource, being able to preserve that fuel (in this case in the form of hot water) may be very valuable to you. While the referenced link had a price tag of $50 each, it appears you can get a much better deal right now at Amazon for $32 if interested.

2 comments to Quick Reference – Camp Chef Hot Pot

  • Pam

    The better of the two hot pots really depends on the situation you are in. The spigot does make the Camp Chef model attractive. If you are mobilized, having a lid to slide and bang around is not most convenient. At first it seems the Hillbilly model would be more versatile but if you were away from a water source, you would have to haul additional water to keep pouring in it OR tip it to pour. Hmmm…both are made of steel making them light to carry but if you are stationary, nothing beats cast iron for holding heat.