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Quick References

Quick Reference – Dehydration Signs and Rehydration Information

We often think of dehydration as being a purely summertime problem, but it’s just as easy (maybe more so) in the cold winter months too. This post from PrepperIdeas.com on Dehydration Signs and Rehydration Information provides some useful information sa to what to do about it, including oral rehydration and electrolyte solution recipes, ways to deal with heat, and more. Remember that dehydration is nothing to fool around with!

5 comments to Quick Reference – Dehydration Signs and Rehydration Information

  • T.R.

    No sugars at all or carbs , thats why I like them , gatorade is like cool aid , way too sweet ……..it actually makes me thirsty . here is their website .

  • T.R.

    Dont rely on the urin color test to determine if your dehydrated …….because its not all that reliable . Urin color has a lot of factors that determine its color , such as your health at the time ( do you have any infections your fighting ? ) how active are you ? ( your body needs less nutrients if you are sedentary , unused nutrients have to go somewhere ) Some foods have natural dyes that will color your urin , beets are a very good example , eat enough , and yes , your urin will be red . just sayin .

  • T.R.

    There is a product that you can get either at some supermarkets or health places like high health , etc . ……..its called NUUN tablets . They come in a tube and are fizzy hydration tablets about the size of alka seltzer . Just drop one in a quart of water and these things really work ! what I like is that they have salts and are not sweet , matter of fact they barely have a flavor . So far , the lemon lime is the least offensive flavor I have had so far . They were designed by pro athletes for keeping them going . When I was hiking around Death Valley in 127 degrees , these things made a difference I could notice .

    • Any rehydration solution I’ve found include quite a bit of sugar and only a small amount of salt. Are these tablets designed with the appropriate ratios of sugars and salts in mind? I’ve always thought it was a specific ratio because your body needed so much of each for proper function.

      • T.R.

        I use the active hydration formula , Is the simplest of the 3 , I cant get the other two at the store I go to , so I dont know how they work .