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Quick Reference – Dry Canning the Easy Way

This article on dry canning from APN is a good read for anyone interested in various methods of dry canning. The article discusses the dry canning process in general and also touches on vacuum food canning and dry oven canning, along with some interesting warnings.

I should mention that I’m a huge fan of using my vacuum food saver to can dehydrated foods. Although I haven’t found any problems with doing so yet, the article does point out that the vacuum produced does not reduce oxygen levels to low enough levels that would prohibit mold growth as an oxygen absorber would. As I have seen this warning elsewhere, I think I’ll start to include a O2 absorber whenever I vacuum seal mason jars.

The author also warns about potential dangers with oven canning. FYI, I referenced an oven canning video not too long ago. All I want to say here is that I don’t believe any manufacturer says it’s ok to use your oven to can foods. So, if you’re going to do so, understand the possible risks involved.

1 comment to Quick Reference – Dry Canning the Easy Way

  • Ed

    This is a good reference for dry canning and provides some useful safety info as indicated. I would certainly be wary of long term storage methods that are not typically recommended such as the oven canning method.