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Quick Reference – FBI Guide to Concealable Weapons

A new site I’ve began following, IfItHitsTheFan.Blogspot.com, includes a link to the FBI Guide to Concealable Weapons [PDF File] and updated reference here [PDF File]. I decided to open the file and was amazed at some of the concealable weapons ideas/products that are out there. Perhaps you’ll find it interesting too… not that I’m giving you any ideas, of course. ;)

4 comments to Quick Reference – FBI Guide to Concealable Weapons

  • T.R.

    They now make pepper spray from the Ghost Pepper …… for those of you that know what the ghost pepper is , you can imagine how nasty it will be …..the standard pepper spray on the market is not completely effective as a lot of people have a high resistance to it ……….nothing can withstand the ghost pepper . It is designed for riot controle ,mostly used by foreign nations . You can get it on the web if you dig hard enough ,you have to dig deep ….but its there . Its always from an offshore supplier . How legal it is in the US , I dont know ……….but then again , as a good Confederate ……..I really dont care how the Yankees feel about it ;)

  • Ed

    It’s amazing the weapons that are out there and the crazy ideas people come up with. Gotta love the person hiding in the car dash… classic!