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Quick References

Quick Reference – Flaxseed Meal as Egg Substitute

I originally came across this SurvivalistBoards post on using flaxseed meal as an egg substitute for baked goods, which got me to searching Google and turned up this Eating With Food Allergies site that lists several egg substitutes, including flaxseed meal. Although the site is geared toward people with allergies, there’s no reason the general population can’t take advantage of the suggestions. Other main ingredient alternatives include baking powder and gelatin. I haven’t tried any of these substitutes so I can’t vouch for taste but if it’s all you had I’m sure you won’t complain too much. :)

4 comments to Quick Reference – Flaxseed Meal as Egg Substitute

  • T.R.

    Thats pretty cool , I see flaxseed meal at the store ….I just didnt know what to do with it . For those that live in the southwest , mesquite bean flour is a superfood and one of the sugars diabetics can eat as desert plant sugars metabolize differently . Amazon carries the flour as well but it may be cheaper if you find a southwest producer .

  • Bellen

    Flaxseed meal used as an egg substitute works very well in baked goods – common substitution in vegan recipes. It is one tablespoon flaxseed meal and 4 tablespoons water – no need to mix together, just add dry with dry and wet with wet. Works well as a thickener in too thin oatmeal and tastes good.

  • JenF

    I’ve got some flaxseed meal in the refrigerator. I’ll have to try that and see how it works. I can’t imagine it will taste great but it’s worth a shot.