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Quick Reference – Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs When Are They In Season? (Infographic)

vegetables-seasonRan across a really neat infographic the other day that showed when fruits, vegetables, and herbs are really in season ( as opposed to all the time at the local grocery store). Here’s the first part discussing the infographic:

“As the industrial and economic age of technology has evolved, so has the availability of food year-round. In fact, much of the produce found in giant supermarkets are now almost omnipresent. But to accept that these foods are of the utmost quality and quantity (by which I mean $) year-round is quite a fallacy. If you find yourself eating strawberries around Christmas time for instance, it’s most likely those strawberries were picked well over half a year ago and stored in some facility to keep until you bought them at your market. So what’s the problem? Why is it bad to eat any fruit I want, whenever I want?”

Read the full article here (and view the infographic)

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