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Quick Reference – Hazard Risk Assessment Tools

Being aware of the hazards around you is among the most important aspect of emergency preparedness. As such, you should utilize these hazard risk assessment tools to better prepare you and your family.

Specifically, you’ll find links to…

  • many important risk assessment sites (NOAA, USGS, etc)
  • what’s your RQ? (readiness quotient test)
  • gang presence map
  • noaa weather radio frequencies
  • flood insurance rate maps
  • earthquake maps
  • hurricane hazards
  • volcano alerts
  • landslide hazard maps
  • nuclear reactor maps
  • and more…

Use these hazard risk assessment tools and be better prepared!

1 comment to Quick Reference – Hazard Risk Assessment Tools

  • Smoothe1

    These are definintely useful. Who would have thought you needed to worry about gangs so much that they needed a map to track them.