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How to Turn Your Phone Into a Survival Tool

The Ready Store had an interesting infographic from a while back on How to Turn Your Phone Into a Survival Tool. Ok, this post isn’t so much about the knowledge you’ll gain but more for a bit of fun. I should point out that while it may be possible to utilize much of your cell phone for emergency survival, be prepared if you have never disassembled a smartphone before as it can be quite infuriating to remove all of the components (especially the screws). Of course, I had intentions of reassembling everything… if that’s not the case then rip, tear, and pull to your heart’s content!

Read the full article here (and view the infographic)

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  • Hammer

    Just goes to show what a bit of ingenuity and too much time on your hands can do.

  • Please folks…in a community as knows the value of laying low – why not offer a straight up e-mail forward option without having to create a g-mail, rss, facebook yadda account? I am intentionally NOT on any of those other accounts but often times I would like to forward some of yourn good information to others via my one e-mail account!

    • I hear what you’re saying, but I only use the tools that are available to me as a blogger. Sadly, that doesn’t usually include a simple email forward option, at least, not that I’ve found. If it helps, you can, choose an “email this” option when you get updates sent to you via email.