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Quick Reference – iBooks on iTunes for PDF Files (Awesome!)

Assorted friends and family often think I’m some sort of technological genius. Maybe it’s because I have a blog or know at least two ways to copy and paste stuff in Microsoft Word. The truth is that I’m far from a computer genius. In fact, last week I realized that I could use my iPod (and my wife’s iPhone) to store and read PDF documents. Maybe this isn’t a revelation to you but it was an light bulb moment for me. I subsequently spent the evening downloading literally hundreds of documents to my iPod.

Now, instead of viewing my iPod as just another form of entertainment for my boys, it’s also a pocket survival reference too! The best part is that of the 300+ files I have they barely take of 1/2 GB. Compared to music and podcasts that I normally have on my iPod, that’s a fraction of the space used.

I’m not sure if there is a native function in iTunes to do this, but I have a free app called iBooks that can be used for sure. Just drag and drop PDF files to the Books section in iTunes and sync with your iPod (or iPhone or maybe even iPad) and you’re all set. Check it out!

Oh, and I have no idea how or if this will work with any other smartphones, Kindle, and so on. My only experience is with my little iPod. I do believe, however, that it is possible to read PDF files on the Kindle.

Last, you may find a number of PDF files to download in my How To Knowledge Base and Guide to the Net pages among other sources. Good luck.

3 comments to Quick Reference – iBooks on iTunes for PDF Files (Awesome!)

  • RoyG

    it is possable to download pdf files onto your kindle… i use a library organizer or E-Book manager called Calibre you can sync onto your kindle and it converts kindle files and other varieties of files into pdf and will sync onto the kindle.. here is the link for the free download and software.. they do ask for a donation but other wise it’s free with no advertisments…

    i have all my ebooks and files on my kindle2 and have used the calibre converter to get them there… here is the link:


  • Jen

    I didn’t know you could do that either. I’ll check into my iPhone today. Thank you for the tip.