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Quick References

Quick Reference – Less Lethal Alternatives

I found a site that intrigued me called LessLethalAlternatives.com the other day. For those that aren’t quite into concealed carry yet, can’t do so, or just want more options, this site may be of interest to you. A quick stroll through their categories section reveals quite a few non-lethal gadgets for a variety of situations. From shocking tools such as the Zap Cane or Hand Shock, tactical batons, the Spikey,

8 comments to Quick Reference – Less Lethal Alternatives

  • Tony

    When we were kids, we all had (homemade) slingshots. While they were crude in construction, practice resulted in reasonable accuracy. Any hard projectile was our ammunition. Modern slingshots are far better constructed and probably have the potential for shooting a projectile longer distances and at greater force. I doubt there are laws against the carrying of and use of slingshots. May be an alternative to consider?

    • Anything is possible, though I’m not sure how effective a sling shot would be when trying to stop an attack. The less than lethal devices shown are the website are (1) generally inconspicuous and (2) meant to incapacitate quickly. While a good strike to the head would hurt a lot, I’m not sure it will incapacitate quickly.

    • T.R.

      True , just pick up some spare surgical tubing , as they dont make it as good as they used to .

  • T.R.

    I was on google and there is a pepper spray ring . its for last resort when somebody has ahold of your wrists you can spray them . Apparently its a one shot deal . I have no idea how good they are ……they look kinda cheesy but if they work , you could be armed 24/7 without anybody knowing it .

  • T.R.

    My only thing is , be very careful of close contact devices ……they can be taken away from you if your opponent is stronger or faster ….then used on you . If there is more than one , the situational odds just got even worse for you . I like the idea of the Co2 rifle ……but then again ……..if your going to point or pull a gun on somebody …..it might as well be the real thing . It also might be the wrong message to send the bad guy ….” hey , that dude doesn’t use real guns …..if I come back with a buddy I can probably get passed him “. You can still go to jail for shooting somebody with non lethal , but its good to have choices .

  • Hammer

    As much as I’m partial to my trusty Glock, I can see the usefulness for such tools in many occasions. And it’s always good to have alternatives.