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Quick Reference – Make Your Own MREs at Home

Last week, Jarhead Survivor discussed (and also shows us via a YouTube Video) how he makes his own homemade MREs. It’s a simple idea and uses foods that should be shelf stable in general. Note: you’re going to need a vacuum sealer to utilize the idea. Don’t expect them to be as durable as a commercially manufactured MRE, but for the cost and ability to customize as you see fit, it’s worth a try and may be just perfect for your bug out bags.

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  • T.R.

    One good thing about cold hard winters and making your own rations is the fact that winter actually gives you more fresh food options . You can pack more things like cheese , juices , more fresh foods for your diet because nature is providing the refrigeration for it .

  • RoyG

    actually the mylar bags storage issue is quite well documented for long term storage benifets.. thats why the military and everybody else uses them for their MRE’S and long term food storage containers…… it’s not so much how long you will have the/your food storage but how long you will have to store the food.. it;s better to have them stored or preped for 7 to 25 yrs and use them in a year or so than have them preped for a year and a half to redo them all over in a year and a half..

  • RoyG

    Iv made these befoer and i get pretty good shelf life out of them… i use 1qt mylar bags and 300c oxygen absorbers.. the 300c are quite big for the 1qt but i get a great seal from them.. better safe than sorry… i open the shelf stable food that im using and insert it into the bag.. i use almost anything i can think of that will store in regular mylar bags from protein bars to jerky to dry goods…

    i have tried this with a vacume sealer which is a good way to go if you dont wont to use mylar bags but i have experimented with the two methods and i do get a better shelf life from the mylar bags the food tastes better seems fresher after just a year… we do this for ready meals for the family using vacume sealed #10 cans of ingrediants also kinda like mountain house foods.. the posabilities are endless with the food combanations..

    • I still find it hard to believe that mylar bags are so much better for long term storage than the vacuum bags, but I’ve read so much empirical evidence it’s hard to ignore (I assume there’s hard data too). That said, I use both methods for various applications but would probably lean toward vacuum bags for this application considering that the food I would use isn’t expected to last many, many years anyway.

      • oldcountryboy

        There is a differance in grades of vacuum seal bags. Like the differace in mylar bags. The vacuum seal bags like you get from Wal-Mart are thinner and puncture easrier and does not have the channels that helps it pull a better vacuum. One advantage of mylar is keeping light out that will degrade the food quailty.

  • SillyD

    While I’ve never had a real MRE, I can only imagine that these would taste *much* better. The only downside seems to be that they wouldn’t last nearly as long as a commercial MRE but still great for bug out bags.