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Plywood Window Barriers For Emergency Home Security

A while back a Doomsday Prepper episode showed a man that made a simple window barrier out of plywood that I hadn’t seen done before and, fortunately, Ken at MSB put up a post on how to make Plywood Window Barriers For Emergency Home Security. I like the idea a lot better than screwing in the plywood as it doesn’t permanently mar your home’s exterior. Here’s the first part of the post:

“One of the episodes of the TV series, Doomsday Preppers (Season 2), highlights Jay Blevins who is preparing for the breakdown of social order following an economic collapse.

Jay’s primary risk awareness motivator is one that I believe to be perhaps the most likely (or one of the most likely) scenarios to actually occur in our future. I believe that it is occurring now, just in slow motion, although the speed will likely pick up.

One particular takeaway from this Doomsday Preppers segment that I felt was unique and practical are Jay’s crafted window barriers for all of the first floor windows of his home. What a great idea…”

Read the full article here

4 comments to Plywood Window Barriers For Emergency Home Security

  • Cheryl

    This is a great idea, and gives you options to consider. We used to screw home-made storm windows to our house every year. They were made of a single sheet of plexiglass, but were easily kicked out from the inside of the house, if necessary. I really like the idea of not marring my home (not that it’s been repaired).
    Depending on what you have on hand, the plywood could be replaced with something a bit more protective.

    • Per the show, the 3/4″ plywood seemed very difficult to break through… even with an axe! I was surprised at that but haven’t taken an axe to any plywood lately. ;)

  • Bev

    Fascinating read! Loved all the comments. I was surprised that it took so long for them to come up with carraige bolts and a piece of steel. I thought of carriage bolts immediately.

    Thought provoking. May actually make some of these :)

    Bev :)

  • Ed

    I didn’t watch the episode but I like the idea as it seems a lot faster. Thank you.