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Quick Reference – Real-Time Hazard Monitoring Tools

Have you noticed the six small images near the top of reThinkSurvival.com lately? You know, the ones that say Flood, Earthquake, Hurricane, Tornado, Tsunami, and Wildfire below them? You haven’t!?

Well, start paying attention to them. These are Real-Time Hazard Monitoring Tools that are linked directly to their source website and are meant to provide you with an up-to-date look at your risk for these major disasters at that moment. In fact, if you’ll look at the main Hazard Monitoring page you’ll see larger real-time images as well as more information than what is shown in the smaller six images.

You might even want to bookmark that page and reference it daily. Check it out and see what I’m talking about and choose to SHARE it with friends and family using the sharing buttons at the top of the page… it’s could just save their lives someday.

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  • JenF

    Thank you for sharing these. But I wish the small ones were a bit bigger. They’re tough to see well.

    • Unfortunately, that was the size I had to make them to get them to fit. You can, however, view the much larger sized monitoring tools on their main page or click the smaller image and be taken directly to the source web site. Hope that helps!