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How to Safely Start a Campfire With Gasoline and Matches

Leon Pantenburg of SurvivalCommonSense.com walks us through how to start a campfire with gasoline and matches. Normally this is considered a huge safety no-no but I also recognize that plenty of people do it and will attempt to do so if times get tough. As such, it’s best to understand how to start a campfire with gasoline safely even if it’s not recommended and potentially very dangerous. Again, there are far safer ways to start a campfire so be sure you know how to do use those methods and only choose to use gasoline as a last resort:

“Every year, somebody is seriously injured or killed when they combine gasoline and matches to start a campfire. Pour gasoline onto a smoldering fire, and the flames can follow the stream to the can and cause it to explode. You may end up with a large fireball in your hand!

Being able to make a quick campfire under survival conditions can save your life. But using a dangerous method, such as lighting gasoline with a match, can put you at real risk!

So I never, ever recommend that the two be combined to start an emergency fire.

But if you have to during an emergency, here is a safe method…”

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  • T.R.

    Stock up on Ronsonol cigarette lighter fluid , not as dangerous as gasoline and is a lot more controllable , after all , all you need is a very small flame to get a fire going . The bottles of this stuff are small and fit well into a pack .