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Quick Reference – Sundstrom Pandemic Flu Kit

This site Fire-Etc.com has what they call a Sundstrom Pandemic Flu Kit. With a renewed interest in Pandemic preparedness, the inexpensive N-95 masks are nice but it’s useful to have a better alternative at times. The biggest problem is that the P-100 masks are not only more expensive but not reusable. These Sundstrom masks, according to the referenced website, can be decontaminated with a 5 minute alcohol bath and may last up to 18 months with proper care; both of which are very desirable! It seems as thought you might also be able to purchase these masks at Home Depot as well as the associated filter for less, though, I’m not sure if they’re exactly the same.

The full product description:

“Better Protection NIOSH requires P100 class filters to eliminate 99.97% of particles. Our Sundstrom P100 filter is 10 X more efficient, providing 99.997% protection. An N95 filter provides 95% filtering. That means the Sundstrom respirator is 1,667 times more effective than an N95 respirator. 250% More Air Flow Sundstrom’s half mask respirator with our P100 filter allows breathing rates of more than 250 liters per minute as compared to most other competitive respirators with their P100 filters which generally allow a breathing rate of about 95 liters per minute. This means the user of the Sundstrom product is able to perform heavy work while wearing the respirator — something impossible to do if the wearer can only breathe at a rate of 95 liters of air per minute. Decontaminateable and Reusable Sundstrom’s respirator and P100 filter are reusable and can be easily decontaminated in a 5-minute alcohol bath. Therefore, with proper care, this kit will last the user up to 18 months — the time estimated by WHO that it will take a pandemic incident to run its course. Far less cost over time An N95 respirator is disposable. It is intended for single use only. You might need at least four disposable N95 respirators every day. With an influenza pandemic lasting up to 18 months, that means you may need more than 2,000 N95 masks as compared to only one Sundstrom Pandemic Flu Kit. Kit Includes: SR 100 half mask •SR 510 particulate filter

•SR 221 pre filter

•SR 5153 pre filter holder

•SR 322 user seal check disc

•ID label

•storage box

•users manual”

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  • GoneWithTheWind

    The thing that makes a extremely communicable flu or other disease pandemic is that it is extremely communicable. Any pandemic will be in the general population for 1-5 months or more (in some historical cases for years). Are you going to wear this mask 24/7 for 1-5 months? The best and most effective use for the common health care mask is to prevent the wearer from contaminating the patient. It is minimally useful to protect the wearer while in the immediate vicinity of someone with a communicable illness. That would in the case where you enter a room where the patient is being isolated. But using a mask to protect you from everyone everywhere is ludicrous. If there is a true pandemic you WILL be exposed. You can wear masks, wash your hands and seal up your home but the odds are you will be exposed. Maybe if you live in Alice Springs or the South Pole you can avoid being exposed but for the vast majority of us who live around other people we will all be exposed to the disease. The mask is like whistling past the graveyard.

    • You have a valid point but I would rather have the option/ability to attempt to protect myself and my family instead of just hoping we don’t catch it. IMO, the absolutely best thing you can do is to isolate 100%. Granted, that’s nearly impossible for those of us who live in suburbia like me. So, we have to do the next best thing, which is to try to prevent all family members from getting sick in the first place, hence, the reason for the masks.

  • I think the difference is that with the Home Depot one the filters aren’t included. The P100 is pictured below the mask and is an extra $13, plus there are other filters in the kit too. Wd have to add them in to compare.

    • Honestly, now that I look a bit more closely at the product, I think I would just purchase the Home Depot mask. Maybe even look at Amazon for something similar for even less $$.

  • Smoothe1

    I can’t see what the difference is between this kit and the Home Depot mask. Regardless, I think the idea of a reusable mask is a good one.