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Quick Reference – Tactical Multitool

This instructables on creating a Tactical Multitool is pretty neat. You’re going to need some metal working skills (which I don’t have) but if you have the ability then try making it. The device is meant to include detachable heads, so you can make a hatchet, hammer, and shovel all in one.

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  • T.R.

    If somebody decides to make this , you can get a can of “tool dip ” for the handle . its basically liquid plastic and its for making a soft non slip grip for your hand tools . Flat metal is very hard on your hands , I painted that onto a flat pry bar I have where I usually grip it and it makes a big difference .

    • Is the tool dip something you can do yourself or do you have to take it somewhere? If you can do it yourself, that might be a good SHTF barter skill.

      • T.R.

        Oh yeah , you can get it at lowes or home depot . comes in different colors , you can either dip your tools if they are small enough or use a brush , dries pretty fast …if you brush it on ….you have to use several layers . It can make a pretty good half ass water proofer also for containers .

        • ok. I’ll look for it one of these days out of curiosity.

          • T.R.

            really easy stuff to use , I was surprised at how thin it is when used with a brush . Once you get it on thick enough , its pretty tough stuff . Because its so thin , I was thinking about trying it out on fabric …..like say the bottom of a backpack to make that part scuff resistant . Just haven’t had the time .

  • jean

    Buy a sheetrock hatchet which is a hammer slash hatchet and weld an old small shovel head or dell two holes in it to attach a small shovel head so much simpler

    • Interesting idea, and I like simpler. Thanks!

    • T.R.

      Or a cold steel pipe hawk and spetznaz shovel . both are smal and having both fills those roles and you have two nasty weapons . I have both and cant say enough good things about that little shovel , keep it in my truck …..and yes i have cut down small trees with it ( 3″ thick) very fast . here are two vids . the prepper guy is has a lot of vids , pretty cool guy .

      • Thanks for the VID link, you may have changed my mind on axes. Regardless, as much as I like multi-purpose tools you usually can’t beat a good tool that does one thing really well.

        • T.R.

          Yeah , I used to carry a machete and it really couldnt do a lot , and a hawk is a good compromise for ability, size , and weight . I find that if I have a hammer camping , i actually use it a lot and the hawk will double for that . I have yet to find a saw that I can stand taking out in the field …. I actually get much more tired with a saw than the hawk .

  • Hammer

    Very nice idea. I’ve got a few metal-working skills but not quite like that. Would love to see this in mass production some day!