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Quick Reference – Tap Light for Emergency Lighting

I was surfing a new blog I’m following and I happened upon this post on using tap lights for emergency home lighting. I like simple ideas like this and, although, I currently use emergency lights that plug into the wall socket that I like very much, the idea of tap lights is even simpler because they can be placed anywhere you want are couldn’t be easier to turn on and off. For expedient emergency area lighting, consider tap lights next to your bed or wherever you feel they’re most needed. I think I’ll get me a few.

5 comments to Quick Reference – Tap Light for Emergency Lighting

  • Hey I recognized that post! Thanks for the link, I really appreciate it. I hope some people find the information useful. I think 100 hours off 3 AAA batteries is a pretty good burn time and they are designed for area lighting, unlike many flashlights.

  • RangerRick

    I have them thru out my home/shop/outside woodshed. Works great when the power is down or you don’t want to wake anyone by turning on the main lights. I also use solar garden lights, I just bring them inside when the power goes out. Good info to share, RangerRick

  • B

    Great idea, something i had never really given any thought to. Going to put a couple in my bag plus in all the family vehicles.

  • Mary

    These may be a great idea for next to the bed. I never thought about using them for emergencies.