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The Easiest Way to Use and Cook Wheat

I suggest you know how easy it is to cook with wheat. Simply use a thermos to do so without any use of fuel (beyond bringing water to a boil). Here’s the first part of the post:

“As my family and I work toward building an emergency food supply, we’re starting with a three-month supply of food we already like to eat (especially the kids, who are notoriously picky eaters). After that, we plan to work toward a year supply of food storage basics. In the meantime, I thought I’d experiment with some long-term storage items. The item I’m most interested in is wheat. It super versatile and is a key ingredient in my favorite food—pizza. So, I obtained a small amount of whole wheat kernels to experiment with…”

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2 comments to The Easiest Way to Use and Cook Wheat

  • I actually like the Thermos King 16 ounce Food Jars and, yes, thermos cooking is awesome! Just don’t do nearly enough of it.

  • Never thought of using wheat this way, even though we commonly eat other grains like rice or barley or oats the same way. What an easy solution to making use of your wheat storage, especially on the move when making bread or sprouting would be a challenge. I’ve been meaning to buy a shorter, wider thermos (easier to eat food out of a clean). Off to Amazon I go. Thanks!