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Quick References

Quick Reference – The Humanure Headquarters

Ever wonder what to do with your human waste? Well, wonder no more! Use the humanure headquarters as your go-to source for everything fecal waste related. :) You can buy the book, watch many videos on the subject, participate in their forum (who knew people wanted to discuss poo?), and find plenty more information on the subject. Really, there’s more than you probably wanted to know.

3 comments to Quick Reference – The Humanure Headquarters

  • Bev

    I’ve been doing this for probably 15 years, before I found a book on it!

    It works! I have personally never seen the compost recommended for vegetable gardens, but…

    I will have to write on my experiences some time…

    Bev :)

    • I think the recommendation is that, to be safe, wait two years before using any human waste as compost in any food-bearing garden or perennials.

  • Ed

    I can’t imagine I would ever want to compose human waste but it’s good to know how to do so.