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Several Uses for Dry Milk Powder, Besides Just Milk

As expensive as dry milk powder is, it is actually quite versatile and useful to have around. It can be used to make not only milk, but sour cream, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and more. This post on The Many Uses for Dry Milk provides the directions and provides a ready-referenced chart too:

“When I got married, my church hosted a “food shower” for me. Everyone brought in their favorite recipe and the non-perishable ingredients to make the recipes.

It was awesome!

Not only did this shower fill my recipe box with a bunch of simple, tried-and-true recipes; it also stocked my pantry for months! Over the past 5 years, I’ve made most, if not all, of those recipes; but there is one recipe I use on a weekly basis…

It’s a “recipe” for the different uses of dry milk…”

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2 comments to Several Uses for Dry Milk Powder, Besides Just Milk

  • Trish

    Dry milk is a must have for your well stocked preparedness pantry. Beware , there are some that are just awful, chalky and powdery tasting. I recommend the INSTANT milk we buy at http://www.srmarketplace.com. It’s so smooth and creamy! Make some and have your family try it without telling them. I’ll guarantee they will like it too.

  • SillyD

    I had no idea you could make so much with just dry milk. So cool!