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Quick Reference – The Potato Hole (for storage of fruits and vegetables without power)

I first came across this article on Destiny Survival but the full article is here. It may be that digging a hole in the ground is the best we’re going to be able to do for long term storage of some fruits and vegetables. I’ve seen videos and articles in the past of people burying all sorts of stuff in the ground such as a 55 gallon drum and even old refrigerators.

4 comments to Quick Reference – The Potato Hole (for storage of fruits and vegetables without power)

  • SillyD

    I don’t envision myself ever digging a hole to store my food. I like the idea of using a buried fridge better even though it’s not plugged in. It must be psychological training of sorts.

    • T.R.

      Be careful of that , I only say this because when I lived in Maine , power outages are a regular occurrence in the winter . One time it went out for 3 days and when I opened the fridge to get something , I was amazed at how WARM it was , I then took everything out of the fridge and put it on the counter , the room temp was A LOT colder than the temp of a refrigerator without electricity . Giant clay pots buried would probably work better than an ice chest or fridge .

      • I always assumed that a buried fridge would be the ideal “absolutely no power” solution once it acclimated to the below ground temps. I wonder why it was actually warmer?

        • T.R.

          I dont know , probably because Maine gets very cold and the air temp inside wasn’t much warmer than outside . So I’m guessing that the inside temp of the fridge was about the same as it was before the electricity went out which is a lot higher than it is outside . You have to remember that we lived on the bottom floor of a condo unit and the snow was stacked up 3 ft. high on the windows . I’m wondering if you did bury a refrigerator , if it would actually insulate ? refrigerators and ice chests are both designed for their temp to be regulated from the inside rather than the outside . It might make a difference , I dont know for sure .