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Quick Reference – TrueCrypt: Real Security for Your Digital Information

security-keysI was recently turned on to TrueCrypt from a recent post at Prep-Blog on Securing Your Data in the Cloud. I decided to download the free program and try it out. All-in-all it worked just fine.

I was able to insert my sensitive documents easily, overwrite them, delete what I didn’t want and so on. The only thing I didn’t care for was the fact that I seemed to have to mount the TrueCrypt file I created as a drive each time I would log out or restart the computer. I understand why this is done (for security) but it was slightly annoying. Getting past that minor annoyance wasn’t much of an issue because it’s not like I’m updating these files regularly.

While I didn’t try all of the features that TrueCrypt offers, I did find it useful for what I wanted and will continue to use their program. Here’s the first part of the post:

“We live in a digital world. Many people have a large number of digital files that are important to their lives: digital family photos, e-mails, personal writings, business files, financial records, etc. What if a power surge during a storm kills your hard drive? This is not uncommon; it has happened to me. I had a full back-up of my entire hard drive, so that I did not lose my data. Do you back-up your hard drive?”

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