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Quick References

Quick Reference – Zen Backpacking Stoves

Found another cool site, this time about stoves at Zen Backpacking Stoves. I think I found it from a link at SurvivalistBoards.com from an interest in converting backpacking stoves to run on propane. I decided to stay for a bit and found a ton of information just can canister stoves alone. You’ll also find plenty of information on alcohol stoves, solar stoves, wood stoves, and more… all from a backpacker’s perspective.

5 comments to Quick Reference – Zen Backpacking Stoves

  • Ted

    Oh ! dont let the old box picture of the coffee pot trick you …….these things are fairly small 6×6″ square and probably 4″ tall ……..that coffee pot would have to be VERY tiny if the illustration was accurate . They did make a 2 burner version around the same era but I dont need one .

  • Ted

    Here is one , small , made of steel , folds down to a nice flat size , and very very stable . Its an old ( circa 1930s ) sterno stove . I keep one in my backpack and have put a fair amount of weight on it ……very stable . Its made to use alcohol gel cans but , works ok with burning twigs as well . Cheap also . Never tried the new aluminum and wire ones ……..I dont trust the workmanship or size ……..I stick with the old patterns made before america started cheaping out as much as possible .

    • I’ve got a newer version of the stove you reference and it works ok but I really have nothing to compare it to. I really want to upgrade some day to something like the MSR Pocket Rocket but I’ll stick with what I have for now.

      • Ted

        I hear ya , If I want to use wood , I hate to admit it but when I see somebody toss an old charcoal grill into the trash ……….I take the grill grate ……have a small collection and one perfect 12×12 that I either balance on top of rocks or 4 pencil rod iron stakes I made at work ……not as efficient as a Pocket Rocket but the materials were free. Scavenging can be fun lol

  • Martin

    You’re not kidding there a lot of info there! Bookmarked and will return this weekend. Thank you for the link.