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Quiz of the Week – LDS Manual: 3 Minutes Without Breathing


These questions are derived from the LDS Preparedness Manual [links to PDF File]. Specifically, the “3 Minutes Without Breathing” section (pages 320-323). You can find the answers to this quiz on my Facebook page. Good luck!

Q1. Smokes alarms are so important because people are most likely to succumb to what first:
a) flames and heat
b) smoke and toxic gases
c) carbon monoxide

Q2. People can become sickened or even die from CO or lack of oxygen after an emergency because they used what inside their home or improperly:
a) camping equipment
b) charcoal burning equipment
c) a generator or other gasoline equipment
d) all of the above
e) none of the above

Q3. Other possibilities for asphyxiation or lung damage could include:
a) gas leaks
b) improper use of chemical solvents
c) mud slides
d) all of the above
e) none of the above

Q4. CPR techniques should be conducted by all people, trained or not, as it is the best way for a bystander to help (besides calling 9-1-1):
a) true
b) false

Q5. Performing CPR on a child is essentially the same as for an adult:
a) true (with a few exceptions)
b) false (they must be treated very different)

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