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Quiz of the Week – LDS Manual: Emergency Lighting


These questions are derived from the LDS Preparedness Manual [links to PDF File]. Specifically, the “Emergency Lighting” section (pages 291-296). You can find the answers to this quiz on my Facebook page. Good luck!

Q1. Which form of lighting is likely safest to use indoors:
a) kerosene lanterns
b) candles
c) cyalume light sticks
d) gas lanterns

Q2. Which lantern is typically more economical to use in the amount of fuel consumed (not in dollars):
a) gas lanterns (propane)
b) kerosene lanterns

Q3. The most efficient source of portable electric lighting is:
a) incandescent bulbs
b) led
c) krypton
d) fluorescent

Q4. Self-Powered lights are not recommended because they are:
a) usually bulky
b) prone to mechanical failure
c) highly inefficient
d) both a and b
e) both a and c
f) none of the above

Q5. Which battery has the longest expected shelf life:
a) alkaline
b) lithium
c) NiCd
d) NiMh
e) lithium-ion

Q6. Which battery type offers the “best value and convenience”:
a) alkaline
b) lithium
c) NiCd
d) NiMh
e) lithium-ion

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