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Quiz of the Week – LDS Manual: Emergency Shelter

These questions are derived from the LDS Preparedness Manual [links to PDF File]. Specifically, the “Emergency Shelter” section (pages 311-312). You can find the answers to this quiz on my Facebook page. Good luck!

Q1. According to the manual, what considerations should NOT be taken into account when selecting a tent:
a) the materials should be breathable
b) the rain fly should extend from the apex of the tent almost to the ground
c) the tent should be large enough for at least 4 people
d) they are all considerations
e) none of the above

Q2. The most critical piece of survival equipment you can possess in the winter may be:
a) a tent
b) a sleeping bag
c) warm mittens
d) a dog

Q3: A good sleeping bag will have:
a) the ability to form a hood
b) a sizeable draft tube
c) be able to zip two bags together
d) all of the above
e) none of the above

Q4. Down insulation in sleeping bags is preferred to synthetics because it is a better insulator when wet:
a) true
b) false

Q5. A sleeping pad is another MUST have item for winter because:
a) it makes sleeping on the ground so much more comfortable
b) it helps to keep the insects off you
c) it reduces heat transfer from you to the ground
d) you’ve got a sleeping bag and you simply must accessorize!

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