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Quiz of the Week – LDS Manual: Normalcy Bias

These questions are derived from the LDS Preparedness Manual [links to PDF File]. Specifically, the “Normalcy Bias” section (pages 25-26). You can find the answers to this quiz on my Facebook page. Good luck! Please note: the LDS manual has recently been updated to version 2012; this quiz and all future quizzes will use the new version.

Q1. The “normalcy bias” is simply:
a) thinking that most people are normal (there are no dangerous people)
b) the theory that people tend toward similar thinking when in groups
c) believing that everything is ok when, in fact, it is not

Q2. According to the manual, which of the following is NOT one of the tips for banishing normalcy bias:
a) avoid others
b) trust your instincts
c) make plans
d) get physically fit
e) they are all correct tips

Q3. Becoming educated about normalcy bias is the first step in being prepared:
a) true
b) false

Q4. The author suggests you do what specifically when making plans:
a) talk with your spouse
b) ignore your family’s opinions
c)perform a dry run
d) write plans down

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